Dr Arslan Khalid

Chairman Innova Labs and Diagnostics

The most important and crucial step towards healing, is having the correct and timely diagnosis. "Innova Labs and Diagnostics" is on a mission to provide quality diagnostic services in Pakistan and make it both accessible and affordable for every person.

Dr Yasir Rafique Rijwana

Co-Chairman Innova Labs and Diagnostics

At Innova our primary goal is to offer the best possible diagnostic services to both doctors and patients.

Dr Shoaib Bilal Fareedy

MD, Diplomat American Board

"Without health life is not life; it is a constant state of langour and suffering"- Buddha We hope to instill a culture of wellness in our society , for which Innova Lab is a humble first step

Dr Ahmed Salman

Founder Innova Labs and Diagnostics
Multicare Good Samaritan Hospital
Clinical Assistant Professor, Pacific Northwest Health Science University, College of Osteopathic Medicine

"Availability of high quality and affordable diagnostic services are a must for any population. In Pakistan it's our mission to provide this rare combination to all our countrymen through Innova Labs and Diagnostics."